X World Games has Expanded its Global Presence to Vancouver, Canada

XWG Global Expansion Plan — the 1st Stop

X World Games keeps growing! We are excited to announce that we have expanded our community and office spaces to Vancouver, Canada.

As a global company with headquarters in Singapore, X World Games has XWG team members across multiple time zones, working in Hong Kong, the United States, Vietnam, Japan, India, and Central America.

With the newest expansion of a physical office in Vancouver, we plan to grow and build a North American X World Games Hub and HQ2. By setting down roots in a prominent tech city, we look forward to expanding our market reach, attracting top-quality blockchain talents, creating new opportunities for blockchain professionals, and continuing to grow the X World Games team.

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

X World Games’ strategic position of expanding our global operations to Canada was to utilize the predominant tech infrastructure, top-quality industry influence, and diverse blockchain talent pool. The tech space in Canada is fast-growing, with companies like Ubisoft, Rockstar Games, Shopify, Shakepay, and Dapper Labs, who have now grown into global brands valued in the billions of dollars.

Our First Stop — Vancouver, Canada

Vancouver is considered the “Silicon Valley of the North” and the “NFT Hub” to tech and blockchain professionals. The city is an active hot spot for all things technology, gaming, and crypto. Filled with enthusiasts and professionals, it is home to many of the largest companies in the industry. Tech companies like Amazon have also set to make Vancouver their official headquarters.

Streetview from Vancouver

With global gaming giants like Electronic Arts and Kabam in the neighbourhood, we are excited to build our relationships and partnerships. X World Games plans to collaborate with independent gaming studios to position us as a global Blockchain Gaming Publisher. We want to integrate local gaming projects onto our blockchain ecosystem while learning from the local established studios the building blocks of gaming. X World Games’ future will be in becoming the “Open Sea” in the field of blockchain games, a Steam-like blockchain gaming hub.

As the first stop in our global expansion plans, Vancouver has been appraised as one of the most desirable cities to work and live in. X World Games plans to continue branching out and expand to tech cities like Seattle, San Fransisco, and New York, to attract blockchain talents and grow industry influence.

X World Games’ New Home!

We are incredibly excited to be in the new office. It’s a spacious, modern office featured with light-filled lounges, collaborative conference rooms, and sleek private offices. Our new facility has exceptional amenities with bright and energizing workspaces, wellness areas, a pool table, and it’s pet-friendly!

An amazing space for an amazing team!

Work & Leisure

New Beginnings:

More important than our office space is our XWG Team! Our team is a group of individuals passionate about Animation, Comics, and Games; they are enthusiasts and disruptors in the crypto space and are a close-knit creative and motivating group. Come and meet our Team!

We are new to Vancouver and have a growing team of passionate professionals, creative innovators, and lifelong learners. With our new HQ2 operational in Vancouver, we welcome local industry professionals to connect with us and say Hi! Open positions are available HERE!

Productive and flexible workspaces

Our new office marks the beginning of an exciting new chapter in X World Games history. We look forward to hearing from the community and continuing to expand our global presence.

X World Games Co-Founder — Edwin Liu

X World Games Co-Founder Edwin Liu also expresses his excitement;

We’re glad to see X World Games has set its foot in Vancouver, BC, it’s a dynamic and energetic city! Now being closer to all the fantastic gaming companies and talents, we believe X World Games will have a gigantic leap on crypto gaming development and external partner integration. I believe X World Games will become a truly inclusive blockchain gaming metaverse.

We thank you X Game Family for being with us throughout this growth!


Very impressive!!! I developped digital components for 7 years in a garage / basement of a small company…this here looks like a dream :star_struck:

If you want to move to germany in the future let me know! :rofl: :+1:

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Ya! Hopefully soon! :grin:

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