X World Games partners with Brave Browser

XWG keeps moving forward to the decentralized space

X World Games x Brave

X World Games and Brave are excited to announce our new partnership.

Brave Software is the first global, digital ad platform built for privacy. They are extremely privacy-focused, and the Brave browser provides users with the fastest browsing experience and the highest level of privacy in the marketplace. On top of that, they give back to their users! Users have complete control and earn rewards through the Basic Attention Token (BAT) by choosing to view privacy-respecting ads through Brave.

With our crypto gaming products like the Dream Card series, NFT Marketplace and DeFi Pool, X World Games now serves over 2 million registered gamers and we are excited to continue to grow our awareness and partner with companies that share the same values. XWG shares the Brave values of rewarding users for their time with our blockchain gaming Play to Earn rewards system and we also share the values of privacy, safety, and security of our user’s assets by continuously improving our ecosystem with launches like SAFU Fund established by the XWG Foundation, and the X-Wallet.

With Brave’s 50M users, we are excited to have them join forces with our X World Games community. Together, we will embrace the privacy Brave assures while celebrating our mutual expansion.


Fine! What exactly is cooperation?