X World Guide Update: V1 Damage Dealers!

Hello everyone!
Some time ago I created this online guide for the game contest. Now I want to expand it with a strategy section, and this is the first article.
Here I talk about the best damage dealers in V1! You don’t want to miss it if you want to become a great player!

It would be cool to discuss here about my opinion and have some feedback from the community! :slight_smile:


LoL I have tried Sophia (and a bunch of healers) during testnet. Im having fun for getting 4k Atk Dmg in one turn :rofl:

Losing 5% Hp in exchange for increase ATK by % but there is a lot of healers to bring back her health is :fire::rofl:

not to mention her base ATK DMG wont reset when she dies and REBIRTH was activated

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yeah this is true, sophia is a good card. I think i will include her in another post!

Cool! Love to see a “Commander Killer” article kind of deck, too

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