X World Guide: V1 Support Cards!

Hello everyone! Hope everything is ok in this bear market.
Meanwhile, I am still writing on my website. This turn I will talk about support cards. Like Smego or healer or else. Jump on in and discover what are the best support cards for your deck!

I would be glad to receive feedbacks about this or even discuss about other cards that could fit on this article!

Bye :slight_smile:


I’ve known you from the start when you were once a user of 5 Aurora in 1 deck :rofl:

Yeah game really improved since then. Healers are nerfed so we have chance to create a more strategic deck. Cant wait to see and battle you and others again in Ragnarok since I didnt join Elo for a long time now


YEAH that times were crazy. I would like to see new skills for v1 to make new combos.
Hope you to come back to play ELO and, when it comes, the new Ragnarok :star_struck:


unfortunately there is no other new skills in v1 other than the skills of 40 basic characters (aside from smego’s taunt. correct me if im wrong)

binance card’s skills was repeated from 40 basic cards skills. hoping to see new set of skills of v1 (and also other bonds aside from current 5)

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