XWG’s Response Statement on Recent Community Concerns

Over the past few weeks, many of you have raised a series of questions and concerns. We will address each of them now below and also provide you with the opportunity to ask your questions and have an in depth conversation around the answers in an AMA next week.

1. Multi-accounts in Dream Card V2:

Your concern:

The crux of the problem you’ve brought up is that players transfer their NFTs from wallet to wallet to bypass the limit on the number of games allowed within 24 hours. One player can create multiple wallets, transfer NFTs between them and by doing so, play as many times as possible, resulting in a further diluted reward pool.

Our response:

We understand that a system such as this one cannot be sustained in the long term. One obvious solution includes putting restrictions on NFTs themselves, so a player cannot use the same NFTs on multiple-accounts within a 24-hour time frame.

This is an option we have considered and wish to utilize in the future. But, please, keep in mind that Dream Card V2 is still under Beta and development is on-going. Many integral implementations such as the lottery system, lands and monsters are not yet fully functional. So, at this stage, our goal is to onboard as many accounts as possible and test the resiliency of our servers to prepare us for a post-beta metaverse.

In addition, due to connection bugs and issues relating to challenges of using third-party wallets, we intend on testing and releasing our X Wallet to the community before taking further action. If you believe V2 is too unstable for you to play in its current Beta release, please wait for our improvements to come.

TL;DR: We will not put a restriction on multi-accounts at this time. But, we intend to implement a few optimization mechanisms including an NFT card stamina limit in the next V2 app version update.

2. Match Fixing in Elo:

Your concern:

One player using multiple accounts in Elo, or multiple players editing their decks on purpose and working together to climb in ranks.

Our response:

We’ve actually taken measures against this practice in Elo. We’ve stopped players from removing cards from their decks after registering for Elo.

However, we understand some people have found loopholes and ways around this. So, rather than us simply bandaging the wound, we have decided to create an official Elo rulebook, and we would like our community to steer this initiative .

Next week, we will invite a few active and prominent members of our community to suggest a few rules that all Elo participants should abide by, as well as penalties in case of any violation. We will then take items from their list and make them official. We will also resolve a few card transfer bugs in our upcoming major V1 update, as well as improve the cooldown on card withdrawal until after the end of each Elo season.

3. Current Players Claiming the Newbie NFTs airdrops:

Your concern:

A lot of old players have created multiple wallets to claim the airdrop meant for new players. These cards in turn flood the market, are sold dirty-cheap and dilute any staking pool.

Our response:

Airdrops are a great way to bring new players into a crypto project and increase our army. We fully understand that current players also take advantage of the airdrops. However, we have not stopped it because our data actually shows us an increase in real, new players thanks to the airdrops. We understand this was not ideal. But, as we are nearing the 1million NFT supply, and have brought a lot of new players to XWG, and due to this satisfying results, we are in discussions to end the daily Newbie NFT airdrops in the next few weeks.

4. Expedition Pool Ending:

Your concern:

We fully understand that both gamers and investors make up our community. So, while some really enjoy playing the game daily, others would rather stake their NFTs and watch their money work for them. So, we can see a few members of our community were not happy with the Expedition pool ending.

Our response:

A new Expedition pool is currently under development and will be implemented next week. The reward in this new pool will favor those who “ascend” or level up their NFTs.

We understand how important community is to any crypto project; from your memes to strong fundamentals, a rallied and loyal community makes it. Just to say that we see and acknowledge how important you, our XWG community, are to us and how valuable your feedback and input are.