$XWG Update: First Token Burning Event!

Token Burning Announcement | Q2 2022

It’s coming


  • Burn A: All In-Game Consumption by players will be 100% burned quarterly
  • Burn B: 50% Profit burned quarterly
  • Max burn limit of 49% token supply
  • The previous quarter’s profits will be burned on the last Sunday of each quarter.
  • Burn A — Q1 2022 Token Burn: 25,962,830 $XWG or 0.26% of Total Supply to be burned on April 1st, 2022
  • Burn B — Q2-Q4 2021 Token Burn: 35,555,556 $XWG or 0.36% of Total Supply (Ref Price: 0.045) to be burned on April 15th, 2022

As promised, X World Games will be burning a total of 61,518,386 $XWG in Q2, 2022.

$XWG Burning Report Q2 2022

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Total Burn Q2 2022

Enjoy the Burn!