XWG VR Landscape — the Birth of Dream Girls

Meet the next-generation metaverse idol group

What’s XWG VR Landscape?

VR Landscape is an upcoming immersive 3D VR show staged in XWG Metaverse Dream theater for XWG’s Dream Girls live shows.

The XWG VR Landscape show tickets will be issued as NFTs and available via FREE Mystery Boxes across all XWG channels! Anyone who owns XWGs and/or other asset classes (token/NFT) will be eligible to draw from the Mystery Boxes!

A Star is Born

The first generation of Dream Girls, a metaverse idol group of four, will be selected from the community’s DAO voting and range from all Dream Card characters that have been released until now.

VOTE NOW to get your favorite Dream Card characters selected!

Voting Hours

24 hours, 10:00 UTC February 23rd, 2022 — 10:00 UTC February 24th, 2022

Where to Vote

Snapshot: X World Games VR Landscape

What’s Next

The voting result will be announced, and the community’s favorite 3 plus 1 mystery character will form the group and become the first generation of XWG Dream Girls.

がんばって! Ganbatte! Fighting for Dreams!


My votes for Lamia! :two_hearts:

Who’s yours for?!


looks who’s topping :star_struck:



Sasha! She’s so cute :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

wow, the vote was won by one of the cute girls among the characters in XWG

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My vote is on Margot since she’s the main antagonist in DreamCard lore

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:sparkles:Unveiling the divas for the first stage of Dream Card Live​:bangbang:

:partying_face:The three characters with the most votes are Betty, Catherine, Andal, plus XWG’s official mystery Hero - Luceo!

:microphone: Look forward to seeing them from off the battlefield and onto the stage!

:gift: All players who voted for Betty, Catherine, and Andal at XWG Dao will receive a Ticket NFT to the first Metaverse show at X World Games VR Landscape.